WEEKLY UPDATE: March 11, 2016


radio microphoneOn Monday evening, I attended the Republican Liberty Caucus event, featuring radio host Ed Dean. As always, his discussion about local and national politics was very entertaining.

Tuesday brought a couple of opportunities to connect with folks in our area. I appreciated the opportunity to speak at the Business Voice monthly meeting. The Space Coast Chapter of Act for America was also held on Tuesday. This was my first time to be with this group, which is dedicated to our national security and defending the Constitution. The guest speaker was Loren Spivak, a conservative speaker and author.

On Wednesday evening, I attended our monthly Brevard Republican Executive Committee meeting.

Yesterday morning, I attended the Urban Land Institute meeting, along with many local and business leaders, to discuss our airways, waterways, and parkways.

I enjoyed catching up again Ed and WMEL’s John Harper this morning over breakfast.

This weekend, I’m looking forward to joining our campaign volunteers to walk some neighborhoods to get the word out about our campaign to take our conservative values to Tallahassee.

Have a great weekend!




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