WEEKLY UPDATE: July 15, 2016

brian for florida volunteers at the hob nob


brian for florida volunteers at the hob nobThe campaign trail is busier than ever, and this week was full of lots of activity! Here are some highlights:

On Monday, a great group of volunteers worked together to put out our large signs around the area. This is hard work, and I really appreciate their efforts.

We attended the Tiger Bay Hob Nob at the port on Tuesday. The Hodgers Campaign was well represented by a large group of supporters. It was great to have the opportunity to share our platform with such a large group of voters.

Part of the process of running for office is being interviewed by or filling out questionnaires from various groups that “check out” candidates to see where they stand on their issues of interest. I spent a fair amount of time this week on this and was glad to do it. It’s a privilege to share our message with as many folks as possible.

Thursday was an exciting day, as our first TV commercial hit the airwaves. You can watch it by clicking HERE.

Today, we are out walking neighborhoods with some of our volunteers, and we have a busy weekend with several groups hitting neighborhoods to get the word out about our conservative platform.

Tomorrow, you can listen live as I am interviewed on WMEL 1060AM at 4:08 PM If you’re not able to tune in then, you can click here to listen later.

Thanks again for your friendship and support. We have just over six weeks left until the August primary, and I’m going to keep working hard! Have a great weekend, and I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.




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