WEEKLY UPDATE: January 15, 2016


JettOur campaign’s momentum continues to grow, and I’m excited about all that lies ahead in 2016.

This week, I spent time connecting with potential donors and planning upcoming fundraisers. This campaign is a team effort, and I’m so grateful for so many folks who are stepping up to invest in the future of Brevard County by supporting our efforts to be a strong conservative voice in Tallahassee.

On Wednesday, it was great to be at the Brevard Republican Executive Committee meeting.  Todd Wilcox, candidate for U.S. Senate, was the guest speaker. It will be interesting to see how the race for Florida’s open Senate seat plays out. It’s so important that we keep a Republican in that seat—not only for Florida, but to keep the balance of power in D.C. in conservative hands.

My dog, Jett, and I both spent time in the infirmary recently. I had a minor procedure, and Jett went to the doggie hospital. In the end, his bill was bigger than mine! Perhaps we need legislation to lower the cost of healthcare for our four-legged friends!



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